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ESOMAR Congress 2013


Istanbul 22-25 September

We had a great time at ESOMAR Congress 2013, in Istanbul.

Tim Harford in his key note speech discussed innovation and at Panelbase we've always considered ourselves as innovators. Our own team of developers are constantly creating the sort of tools that make research more engaging and more effective. The Engagement Meter, for example, is used by dozens of clients, to measure real-time response to multimedia.

Our Hot Spots tool was originally an online alternative to traditional ‘Reading & Noting’ studies, but it’s grown into a uniquely flexible system which examines the effectiveness of both adverts and editorial pieces within page-based media - from print to websites and posters.

It works by dividing pages or images into areas; respondents just click to indicate what they have seen/read/like/dislike. Delivered online, it’s cost-effective, quick to set-up and achieves a fast response.

Virtual shopping shelves, heat maps, interactive journey planners - just some of the other innovations we've created in-house to engage respondents and create quality insights.

We're big fans of new techniques and interesting ways to glean robust, quality data and make your research more effective. That's why we have survey developers who are constantly creating novel ways to improve the research experience and provide you with more insightful responses.