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With the rise of Gen Z, techno savvy under 12s with the power to influence household purchasing decisions, never has it been so important to understand the needs, aspirations and consumer behaviour of this youth market. offers you just that, we have over 35,000 engaged 6-12 year olds, all opted in by their parent or guardian and ready to provide you with the insights you require.

We also have access to 30,000 parents of children aged 0-6 years. We frequently engage with parents of small children, researching everything from new product and pack design to web testing and overall advertising effectiveness.

How are they recruited and incentivised:

Our panellists are recruited and incentivised in accordance with MRS and ESOMAR standards – all our 6-12 year old members are opted-in by a parent or guardian.

Cash incentives are offered to the 6-12 year olds for all surveys and paid directly into the parent/guardian's Panelbase account. We offer cash incentives because we know from our research that this is a clear and fair reward for respondents.

How do they engage and respond:

We constantly engage with our young panellists asking their thoughts and opinions on survey design and engagement tools. We incorporate films, games and pictures to stimulate interest and ensure we deliver the best quality results.

We have achieved response rates as high as 80% amongst 6-12 year olds through our bespoke child friendly surveys.

International Kids Panel:

We’ve established partnerships with international kids panels which will tell you all you need to know about your product or service on an international basis.

Bespoke Panels:

We can design and manage dedicated panels which can be used for daily, weekly or ad-hoc surveys.